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The International Vernon Lee Society annual lecture is organised on Thursday 14th Oct at 16.30 (UK time). Madeleine Goodall will be joining us on Zoom. Email for a link



Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom: A New Set of Publications!

We are pleased to announce the publication of a large new cache of materials by Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom ( These include lesson plans, peer-reviewed syllabi, and Zoomcasts, i.e., recorded interviews with colleagues in the field doing important anti-racist work.

As a digital humanities project that seeks to reimagine how we teach Victorian Studies through a positive, race-conscious lens, we have been working for the last six months with a team of collaborators, from across institutions and ranks, to generate this new content.

Lesson Plans: Organized in clusters around specific themes to provide instructors with recommended texts (primary and secondary), critical questions, and pedagogical approaches that can be used in the classroom, these lesson plans help us reimagine Victorian studies as we continue to undiscipline ourselves and our field.

Syllabi: These peer-reviewed syllabi seek to challenge and expand traditional ideas of Victorian Studies. Each syllabus includes a short introduction that expounds upon its critical framing and makes explicit how an undisciplined approach to teaching Victorian Studies informs course design, the selection of materials, assignment construction, and pedagogical practices.

Zoomcasts: In 30-40 minute conversations with guest colleagues, we explore how we can grow together as a community of scholars and learn from one another by discussing our classroom practices and reflecting on our processes of learning (and un-learning) as teachers. Please feel free to browse our site and follow us on Twitter (@UndiscVC). We hope you enjoy what we’ve created!

Pearl, Ryan, Sophia and Adrian

Pearl Chaozon Bauer, Associate Professor of English, Notre Dame de Namur University,
Ryan Fong, Associate Professor of English, Kalamazoo College,
Sophia Hsu, Assistant Professor of English, Lehman College, CUNY,
Adrian S. Wisnicki, Associate Professor of English, Faculty Fellow, Center for Digital Research in the Humanities, University of Nebraska-Lincoln,

L’enregistrement vidéo de l’intervention du professeur David Finkelstein lors de la journée d’étude “Networks in the British and Irish Periodical Press in the Long 19th c.” organisée vendredi 26 mars dernier par l’équipe de recherche ERIBIA (Caen Normandie) est disponible ici:

Colloque SFEVE 2021: “Popular forms and practices of reading and writing in the Victorian and Edwardian eras”

Conference 1: Pr. Kirstie Blair (University of Strathclyde)

     ‘Prating of the Pit: Reading and Writing in the Northern Mining Districts’

Conference 2: Pr. Fabrice Bensimon (Sorbonne Université)

    ‘L’histoire ouvrière au prisme des autobiographies en Grande-Bretagne au XIXe siècle’.