Congrès SAES- Reims – « (Re)-constructions » – 1, 2, 3 juin 2017

Dans le cadre du prochain congrès de la S.A.E.S. qui se tiendra les 1er, 2 et 3 juin 2017 à l’Université Champagne-Ardenne de Reims, l’atelier de la Société Française d’Etudes Victoriennes et Edouardiennes (SFEVE) accueillera des communications sur le thème retenu, à savoir « (Re)constructions ».


The SAES general theme of “(Re)constructions” is an opportunity to reflect on the ways in which the Victorian and Edwardian age was a period of transition and experimentation in many different fields ranging from science to culture and literature. In exploring issues of either construction or reconstruction (or the dialectics implied in both issues), we encourage speakers to propose papers examining “(re)constructions” in terms of culture and history as much as in terms of artistic and literary forms.

The call for paper is now closed.

The programme will be published soon.

Link towards the website of the SAES: here

Classement européen pour les Cahiers Victoriens et Edouardiens

Les Cahiers victoriens ont été classés sur la liste ERIH PLUS. Il s’agit d’un classement européen.

The European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS) was created and developed by European researchers under the coordination of the Standing Committee for the Humanities (SCH) of the European Science Foundation (ESF).

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